Broadkaster Custom


Shellpacks with Standard Hardware Setup


Itemnr: GR801801055Color: Ruby Red Pearl

Sizes: 12x08 TT, 14x14 FT, 18x14 BD

Hoops Satin Black w/Ruby Red Pearl Inlay and T-Rods


ITEMNR: GR810618 COLOR: SATIN BLACK GOLD DUCO SIZE: 13x9/16x16/24x14/14x6,5SD


Shellpacks with VINTAGE Hardware Setup


ITEMNR: GR810570 COLOR: ANTIQUE PEARL SIZE: 13x9/16x16/24x14 Vintage

ITEMNR: GR810574 COLOR: SATIN MAPLE SIZE: 13x9/16x16/24x14 Vintage

ITEMNR: GR810576 COLOR: SATIN COPPER SIZE: 13x9/16x16/24x14 Vintage